Discover which changes to the workplace experience will most positively impact employee productivity, retention, and well-being.

High-Performance Buildings and the Evolution of the Workplace extracts findings from a perception survey of industry leaders to share the top five changes to the workplace that your organization can make to improve employee experience, and thus your bottom line, in this next evolution of work.

Today, the purpose of office real estate and how it functions is being redefined. As workplaces (and even work itself) are reimagined, real estate professionals and business leaders alike are challenged with where to focus their efforts as they seek to attract and retain talent, enhance the employee experience, and invest in real estate wisely.

This paper demystifies some of the noise around the next era of workplace and the role of the built environment, providing insights into what will meaningfully transform your organization's workplace strategy.

Evolve your organization's workplace strategy.

What's Inside



Five top factors of workplace experience perceived to have the greatest positive impact on employee productivity, retention, and well-being

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What workplace experience factors to avoid investing time in, as their impact may be minimal or negative

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